Victory Logistics

Grain crop delivery

If you need help getting your grain crops, hay, straw or compost delivered, give us a call.

We'll meet you in the field.

We understand that your grain cannot sit in the field waiting to be hauled. That is why our trucks will be waiting to haul away your crop as it is harvested. Our team works hard to keep your commodities protected from the weather, ensuring they arrive to their destination in exceptional shape.

Victory Logistics Truck and Trailer

Get your compost delivered and spread in no time.

When you need compost spread, let us know and we will be over soon. We have the trucks to deliver compost and the equipment to spread it on your fields. We'll ensure you are delivered the best quality compost, while securing you the right price.

Victory Logistics Compost Spreader

Our trucks are your trucks.

Be sure to have your products moved in time and within your budget by Victory Logistics. When you need help moving your commodities, hay, or compost in or out of the field, reach out, and we will be there.

Three of Victory Logistics trucks and trailers
We're just a call away.

Need your crop hauled?
We'll be there in a jiffy.

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