A World-Class Team

We're thankful for our Team.

The Victory Ag team is the best in the business. (At least we think so.)

Picture of part of Victory Ag and Victory Farms team posing on harvester.
Owner, General Manager

Nathan Metzger

Nathan does a little bit of everything around the farm. In fact, it is kind of hard to give him a title at all! You will find him on the tractor baling hay, busy in the office, and checking on the crew in his truck.

Office Manager

Rolitta Lindsey

Rolitta gets all the stuff done around the office. If you call, you'll be likely to chat with her on the phone. She is a key part to keeping everything ship shape around here.

Crop & Irrigation Manager

Levi Brubaker

Levi is integral to the most important part of the operations on the farm- making sure the crops are healthy and properly irrigated. His hard work ensures that our crops continue to thrive.

Equipment & Operations ManagerĀ 

Tyler BasoreĀ 

Whether he is overseeing equipment maintenance or checking to make sure our field crews are operating at peek efficiency, Tyler is the guy that keeps everything running smoothly and dependably.

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